What's bzzz?

Bzzz productions provides total show event management. Our producers have a wealth of industry knowledge when it comes to programming for the public and private sectors, as well as the world of live entertainment - bringing strategic planning to the table to ensure the perfect combination of programming and production.

Who's bzzz?

Patrice Geraghty is the Founder and President of bzzz productions, llc.   As an Executive Producer, Patrice has  managed hundreds of hours of  live television, in-studio and remote broadcasts, coordinating  production logistics and elements from stage to script to screen, where she has provided total show management on  the national and international level. From broadcast news and political  conventions to public relations and product launches, Patrice has had a  seat at the story telling table for events large and small.

Why bzzz?

Every event needs a Plan B.  Bzzz productions was founded in 2009, and is pronounced like "buzz".  Too poor to buy a vowel at the beginning of this amazing journey; so Plan B was getting three z's instead.